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The White Horse Federation Around the World Challenge

11 February 2021
The White Horse Federation Around the World Challenge

During lockdown, one of the things that’s been keeping us feeling physically and mentally healthy has been making sure we’re still getting active.

At St George's, we’re so excited to be taking part in a fantastic initiative across The White Horse Federation. Over the course of March, our staff will be counting the miles they’ve completed while walking, running, cycling, swimming.

The captain of our team, St Georges and the Dragon, will be totting up each staff member's miles each week, and we’ll be competing with schools across the federation for the longest distance covered.

At the same time as competing, we’ll also be working towards a common goal of seeing how far around the world we can get in one month.

During March, updates will be posted on The White Horse Federation social media accounts, so make sure to keep up-to-date on the progress we’re making together.

We’re proud to be part of a federation of over 30 schools, and it’s wonderful to be involved in such a fun and competitive event.

Good luck to all the staff taking part. We’re sure you’ll do us proud!

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