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Class Update

Black History Month

21 October 2019
Black History Month

Linked to our school values of respect and courage, Swans and Kingfisher took part in an art morning dedicated to learning about some of the individuals who played an important role in the Civil Rights Movement in America like Dr Martin Luther King Jr and Rosa Parks as well as other inspirational Black people.

The classes worked collaboratively to create artworks that are displayed around the school. Each child created a small part of the jigsaw puzzle that created these fabulous pieces of art. This demonstrated the idea of we are all individuals but when we come together, we can create something amazing.

Whilst we were creating our masterpieces, we listened to Martin Luther King's famous 'I have a Dream' speech and watched a dramatisation of the events that led to the Montgomery Bus Boycott. We talked about the fact that Rosa Parks had to be very courageous to not give up her seat on the bus that day and how that one small act led to 40,000 people boycotting the buses for over a year which eventually led to the abolition of segregation on the buses.

In Whole Class Reading, Kingfisher Class have also studied the biographies of other inspirational individuals, for example Nelson Mandela.

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