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Reading is unarguably one of the most important things your child should be doing! This is true generally, but perhaps even more so at the moment when you consider the impact that reading can have on well-being, as well as the potential opportunities it presents for families and friends to talk together.

Younger students (KS1) need to be reading phonetically decodable books where possible to practise applying the sounds they know and to develop their confidence and fluency. Once children have progressed beyond the phonics-based books, they may have a book from school to read independently each day. If your child finishes their reading book from school, please encourage them to choose another book and encourage reading of any kind: comics, fact files, children’s newspapers - whatever interests them.

Consider setting time aside daily to read an article/ chapter/ short story together, or to read separately and then discuss together – depending on the stage they’re at. It is through these interactions that you can support not only their development of reading and comprehension skills, but also the development of their love of reading. If your child has grandparents, or other elderly/vulnerable relatives who are isolated at home, maybe they could even read to them over the phone? Or how about working with friends online - read the same extract and then discuss via FaceTime?

Below are some questions which you could use to engage your child in a conversation about their text/story...

  • Make predictions: What do you think will happen next? Why do you think that? Can you make more than one prediction? I think the character will either..... because...... or will ...... because.....
  • Discuss what you have read: Was there anything that surprised you? What were you expecting? How are the characters being portrayed? Do you like/ dislike/ pity/ empathise with them? Why? I think the character (name) is ......... because in the text it says ........ and this tells me that ......
  • Look at the language that is used: Why has the author chosen to use those words/ phrases? What effect do they have on the reader? The word.... was used to ..... and made me feel.....
  • Are there any words you don’t understand? Use a dictionary/ read the sentence and discuss what it could mean.
  • Can you summarise the main points that have happened in the text so far? Can you summarise the key points from what we have just read?

The work uploaded for your child each week will be based around a theme. The reading activities suggested will be based around that theme, usually related to a book or animation that you can access online.

Click on the download link below for useful support and free resources for Early Reading:

Early Reading Support Download

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