Meet the Governors

Welcome to the Governors’ section!

What is a Governor? 
All schools have to have a board of governors by law. The general role of the governors is to oversee the strategic planning and direction of the school rather than being involved in the day to day running. It is also the job of the governors to challenge the school whilst maintaining support and is often referred to as “the critical friend.”

What is the Governing Body Structure?
The Local Governing Body (formerly known as Governing Body) is made up of a group of volunteers which consist of parent governors, community governors, foundation governors (applicable to church schools) and staff governors.

What Does it Take to be a Governor?
No previous qualifications are required for the role although training is undertaken in post which can be web based or evening/day courses. Our governors are from all different “walks of life” and the more diverse the group of people, the better in many ways, bringing different views, experiences skills and knowledge. Anyone can be a governor you do not need any professional qualifications, just a commitment to improving education with the school.

What Commitment is Required to be a Governor? 
The governors meet six times per year each lasting approximately two hours with some upfront document reading and question formatting. Governors are also expected to be on at least one sub committee. The sub-committees at Semington are the Resource (dealing with finance, and premises) and the Curriculum/Standards (dealing with staffing and the curriculum). Governors also need to spend some time in school to know how it works from the inside, and the reading of material sent through via governor support, the head and the chair of governors. All of this can be done with just a couple of hours a week during term time.At St George’s, governors also undertake specific “link” responsibilities in relation to curriculum areas. This requires governors to spend some time in school to know how it works from the inside.

Are you interested in being a Governor?
If you are interested in becoming a Governor then please contact the clerk:

Full Governing Body Meeting Dates 2016-17
Wednesday 28th September 2016
Wednesday 23rd November 2016
Wednesday 25th January 2017
Wednesday 15th March 2017
Wednesday 17th May 2017 (New Governing Body Appointed Term 6)
Wednesday 11th July 2017

Title First Name Surname Term of office began Term of office end date Governor Type Business Interest Pecuniary Interest
Dr Elizabeth Williamson 01/05/15 06/05/17 Community Nil Nil
Mr Terry Finlay 09/11/16 22/05/17 Community Nil Nil
Mr Lee Saunders 13/01/13 19/04/17 Parent Nil Nil
Mr Alex Webb 21/03/14 22/05/17 Community Nil Nil
Mrs Emma Rawlings 01/09/16 22/05/17 Staff Nil Nil
Foundation Nil Nil
Mrs Jo Burbridge 23/11/16 22/05/17 Parent Nil Nil
Mrs Helen Biles-Wood 03/01/17 Staff (HoS) Nil Nil
Mr John Burtenshaw 02/11/15 22/05/17 Foundation Nil Ni
Our clerk to the governors is: Danny Holland: Email
Title First Name Surname Full Local Governing Body Meeting Comments
T1 T2 T3 T4 T5 T6
Mrs Elizabeth Williamson Resigned 08/06/17
Mrs Lynn Cook Resigned 12/10/16
Mr Lee Saunders Resigned 19/04/17
Mr Alex Webb A A Stood down 22/5/17
Mrs Emma Rawlings Stood down 22/5/17
Mrs Emily Wood Resigned 12/10/16
Mr Gordon Campbell Resigned 12/10/16
Mr John Burtenshaw A A A Stood down 22/5/17
Mrs Jo Burbridge Stood down 22/5/17
Mr Terry Finlay Interim Chair, stood down 22/5/17
Mrs Helen Biles-Wood

Acting HoS, started Jan17.

Maternity Leave from 12/06/17

Key: √ = In attendance, A = Apologies Received
Teaching & Learning Resources
Elizabeth Williamson Lee Saunders
Emma Rawlings Alex Webb
Jo Burbidge John Burtenshaw
 Terry Finlay will attend both committees as required.  Plus School Finance/Admin Officer
Title First Name Surname Full Local Governing Body Meeting Comments
T1 T2 T3 T4 T5 T6
Mrs Elizabeth Williamson
Mrs Lynn Cook A
Mr Lee Saunders A
Mr Alex Webb A A
Mrs Nicola James A
Mrs Emily Wood A A
Mr Tim Farmer A
Mr Gordon Campbell A
Mr John Burtenshaw Appointed in Term 2
Key: √ = In attendance, A = Apologies Received
Mathematics Lee Saunders
Literacy Alex Webb
R.E  John Burtenshaw
Early Years
Health & Safety Alex Webb
Safeguarding and Child Protection Elizabeth Williamson
SEN Jo Burbidge

LGB Terms of Reference
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ATOM (draft) Scheme of Delegation MAT(v2)
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